Young Designs in Living


By Barbara Plumb.

Oh man, we LOOOOVE this book. It is incredible. Barbara Plum is a woman of impeccable taste! You may know her as the author of Houses Architects Live In (another fave). With chapters titled “Getting away from it all” and “Rooms to remember”, Young Designs in Living champions the use of bold colours, a rejection of provinciality, a spirit of fun and informality and new approaches to scale and space. Perhaps the best example of an interior that embodies all of these elements is the Super Cube: a big brightly painted plywood box with cutout portholes. The doors incorporate different furniture combos that when opened reveal fold-up easy chairs, a convertible bed-couch, dining table, storage shelves and desk. Seriously insane!

 Publication date: 1969

Publisher: Viking Press

Details: Hardcover. 1st Edition. 160p.

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