Working (I Do It For The Money)


By Bill Owens

Easily the most overlooked photobook in Bill Owens' Suburbia series, Working (I Do it For The Money) really delivers on what its fantastic title and cover promises. P.S. what's with the square format photobooks? It's like an instant measure of a books awesomeness!

Anyway, back to the book – following on from American Rituals and Suburbia, here Owens photographs and interviews nine-to-fivers working every kind of job imaginable. From hairdressers, real estate agents and receptionists to hippies working on a commune, hookers and inspectors of birth control pills. “Visual Anthropology” is probably the best way to describe Owens' work and this book is a real sign of the times. This from a female subject: “In four years as an employment counselor, I have only placed one woman in management – as a trainee. As a feminist I find this disgusting. Women make up 53 percent of our planet and it's time the world started paying attention to our potential. People work to maintain their sanity.”

Publication date: 1977

Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Fireside Books

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. Unpaginated

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