Woodstock Handmade Houses


By Robert Haney & David Ballantine. Photographs by Jonathan Elliot.

A classic title, and rightly so. It's a super-aspirational book for those dreaming of escaping the cities before retirement age, when you still have strong enough arms to do some building with! Dedicated to and compiled by owner-builders, Woodstock Handmade Houses shows examples of non-conformist architecture, built by “artists, craftsmen, tinkerers and thinkers” way up in the Catskill Mountains. Sadly some of these amazing abodes are no longer standing, but as the introduction tells us, “Every shelter here was once a dream. If this book helps you to get your house out of your head and onto the ground, or to raise one wall, or even see through an old window differently, then it's a job well done.”

Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Random House

Details: Softcover. 4th printing. Unpaginated.

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