Woodstock Festival Remembered


By Jean Young and Michael Lang.

Looking through this book and seeing the overwhelming (to put it lightly) crowds that were at Woodstock, my first thought was: "Kill me!" But seriously I'd give anything to have seen  Sha-Na-Na in their gold lamé jumpsuits, perform their choreographed 50's covers to a confused crowd of tired hippies! There's only one dark shot of it buried somewhere inside this book which is the only disappointing thing. Regardless, this visual recreation is about as close to being there without actually "being there". At least now you can enjoy the Woodstock Festival in the comfort of your own home! Instead of surrounded by the great unwashed masses, outside, in the elements, where it's always too cold or too hot and it no doubt stinks!

Publication date: 1979

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 127p.

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