Wohnpoeten - Poetic Living


Imagination is for everyone - but not everyone makes use of it.

Wohnpoeten – when translated into English can be read as living in poetry, or a sense of poetic living.

Wolfgang M. Ebert, the author of the excellent Dome Sweet Dome, covers the work of architects and sculptures who elevated the curved, natural line in exteriors and interiors in architecture during the 1970s & 80s. Alien, surreal, futuristic, practical and beautiful, this book examines in photographic details the construction of some of the more famous futuristic palaces, such as Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House created by the master Antti Lovag.

Lesser-known architects are fascinating subjects, such as Robert Bruno, the self-possessed American sculpture who spent over 40 years working on his visionary Steel House in Texas. Other photographic essays include the work of Margret and Dieter Schmid and their das schneckenhaus – The Snail House. Claus Bonderup’s glass dome living. Daniel Grataloup’s curved architecture and Niki de St. Phalle’s Das drachenhaus - The dragon house.


Publication date: 1982

Publisher: FrickeVerlag

Details. German Text. Soft cover. 100 pp

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