What to do till the Messiah Comes


By Bernard Gunther. Photographs by Paul Fusco.

"joy / us


awareness experiments







non drug ways

to grow flow on"

Bernard Gunther was one of the pioneers in the use of touch relaxation body awareness and nonverbal communication in what is known as the “total growth process”. He was also a resident staff member at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Cali. where he developed his own approach to massage meditation and sensory awakening.

This book is Gunther's manual of sorts, giving prose-like instruction on virtually any act you can think of – from eating a nut (eat slowly in extremely small bites... keep your eyes closed and experience the after taste) to putting on a tie (make 6 to 12 figure 8 movements from the right base of the neck to the left base of the jaw...). Best of all are the photographs of Gunther's followers as they meditate, bathe, eat, sleep, and endlessly laughing and hugging each other. It's a very fascinating look into just one of many alternative lifestyles of the 1970's.

Publication date: 1970

Publisher: Collier

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. Unpaginated.

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