“Creating Unique Environments with Surface Design and Decoration”

By Akiko Busch.

We’ve found a new fave author for 2017 and her name is Akiko Busch. If you’re as obsessed with ornamentalism as we are, you’ll google her, toot sweet! Her books Floorworks (and the companion Wallworks) are primo sourcebooks on decorative surface design, circa 1980s. And the wealth of material is exhaustive to say the least. With  a lively and enlightening text describing how surfaces can be painted, printed, and papered with a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors, and how the use of ceramics, glass, fabric, and textiles imaginatively applied can bring vibrancy and new definition to walls, it’s a book that does not miss a beat, making it a totally unbeatable reference! Phew!

Publication date: 1988

Publisher: Bantam

Description: Hardcover with dustjacket. 1st Edition. 143p.

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