Veruschka: Transfigurations


by Vera Lehndorff & Holger Trülzsch. Introduction by Susan Sontag.

Beyond the body paint, Veruschka's Trans-figurations is a collection of photographs that amalgamate painting with photography. Each one a metamorphoses that, with every turn of the page, transform her from the eerily beautiful to the startling grotesque, from female to male. Immobile, she disappears into her environment; into stones, plants; into a door, a window, a wall. Interesting how Veruschka – the celebrated fashion model of the 1960's who appeared as herself in Antonioni's Blow Up – produced a book about disappearing into the background. As Susan Sontag write in her essay herein, it is a de-creation of 'Veruschka' the persona created by a young German art student named Vera von Lehndorff.

Highly collectable, this is another book you want to brag about owning!

Publication date: 1986

Publisher: New York Graphic Society / Little, Brown & Co.

Details: Hardcover. 1st US edition. 160p.

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