Utopia .. or Bust! Products for the Perfect World


By Philip (Pippa) Garner

This book is two-edged. At first, you are resistant to silly ideas like a ‘forkcomb’ but reading over each page you become lost in the absurdity and then…. it all starts to make sense! Actually, a Long Distance Moving Sidewalk is a brilliant idea – "Superfast cross-country system connects major cities, and riders can sleep on walkway for overnight trips” Imagine that!

Also, there is just a simple joy in seeing so many different ideas in one book - inventions you could never dream up yourself because you are too jaded and cynical about life in 2018. Pippa Garner, with her insatiable appetite for experimentation, is totally addictive!

Her art reminds us of the idiosyncratic designs of Italian artist Luigi Serafini, flavoured with the attitude of David Byrne a-la True Stories.

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: Putnam

Description: Softcover. 77p.

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