Underworld: Sites of Concealment


Photographs by Peter Seidel. Texts by Manfred Sack & Klaus Klemp.

Strongly reminiscent of Taryn Simon's brilliant American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, photographer Peter Seidel's Underworld: Sites of Concealment documents subterranean places. In the bowels of the earth, underneath our feet, he finds not only what you'd expect (mines, tunnels, sewers and subways) but also the more unusual, like ornate grottoes, bunkers, prisons, brothels and dungeons. 


The text, in English and German, is as fascinating as the images - evoking many contrasts, from vivid visions of Hell to comforting refuges that are as "safe as in the womb", as the pianist Glenn Gould once put it. One things for sure, whether in complete darkness or illuminated with artificial light, these hidden sites are truly places of wonderment.

Publication date: 1997

Publisher: Hennessey + Ingalls Inc.

Details: Softcover. Large square format. 1st US Edition. 144p.


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