Three pack of picture books


Doctor De Soto

By William Steig 

Doctor De Soto is a mouse and a dentist and for that reason he cannot work on cats and other dangerous animals in his practice. When a fox needs urgent help, his wife and De Soto think of a genius plan to fix his teeth, and not get eaten along the way.

Publication date: 1989

Publisher: Beaver Book

Details: Paperback. 

The Amazing Adventures of Promise: Promise Solves the Problem

By Babette Cole, Monica Gripaios (illustrator) 

Promise, the pony, wants to shake up the boring lives of his fellow farm animals and organizes a day to the seaside. This funny storybook for children aged 4-6 years is laid out in grid like cartoons. The story is told mainly through speech bubbles and conversation. The book opens with a beautiful cross section map of “Tail End Cottage” and ends with a rural map of “Cucumber Sandwich Bottom”. Children will love pouring over the tiny details.

Publication date: 1977

Publisher: Rigby Opal Books, Australia 

Details: Hardcover. 27p.

The Last of the Centaurs

By Brian Robb.

Occasionally a children’s book completely stands out from the rest. The combination of intriguing story and illustrations is the hardest combination to find. Brian Robb is a genius. This book mixes ancient Greek mythology with the modern day dilemma of being a centaur. How does a centaur find an appropriately fashionable outfit that suits a man with four legs? The drawings are easy and funny. It’s a perfect story to read a child who doesn’t always fit in, which is every child really.

Publication date: 1979

Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket.

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