The World's Family


Books are like windows. Books are like portals.

Ken Heyman was too young to enter a photo for the important and renown exhibition, Family of Man at MOMA in 1952, however when the time came to create a follow up exhibition and publication in 1983, Heyman had travelled the world with his good friend Margaret Mead (she needs no introduction).

He produced, at the time, a contemporary outlook on the diverse communities throughout the vast and small planet. He shows the humanity, the work, the extremes, the world as family.

Our favourite quote from the introduction from Jerry Mason –

“A world in 1983 when one begins to feel the Orwellian predictions for 1984 multiplying themselves beyond imagination? Some communities of families sense themselves hurtling into obliteration and oblivion. Human control becomes doubtful. Even reproduction of the human species is controversial and contradictory”.

Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Pound Press/ Perigee Book/ Penguin

Details: Softcover. 192 pp.

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