The Whole Sex Catalogue


Edited by Bernhardt J. Hurwood.

Parodying The Whole Earth Catalogue, whose slogan was "access to tools", The Whole Sex Catalogue gets right down to the nitty gritty of the world of SEX. Or as it's intro professes, it fulfills "a very real need for exactly the kind of practical down-to-earth sex information anyone might be desperately looking for, anywhere, anytime."

The information contained within is astounding. Fully illustrated, it covers everything from the history and psychology of every sex practice you can think of and beyond to aphrodisiacs, sex toys, erotic art, contraceptions... too much really to list here. 

Of course we're talking pre-internet days here, but still! If you're looking for a conversation piece that won't end with someone googling the answer, this is it!

Publication date: 1976

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

Details: Softcover. Reprint. 319p.

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