The Travelers


By Elizabeth Heyert.

Wow. Just Wow. For the morbidly curious, photographer Elizabeth Heyert's The Travelers is a kind-of stylized, technicolor Wisconsin Death Trip, minus the obituaries. Her portraits of open casket, traditional Southern Baptist burials, in which people are dressed up to be prepared to “enter paradise” – or as funeral director Isaiah Owens calls it: “going to the party” – are mesmerizingly beautiful. Moved by the idea of death being an ocassion for which you'd put on your finest, Heyert photographed a whole community in Harlem – a community of the dead. Women drapped in jewelry, wearing satin, sequinned gowns and incredible hats. Old men in white suits and fezzes. Young men in Sean John tracksuits and timberland boots. But flamboyant outfits aside, The Travelers is a movingly intimate historical document of a vanishing piece of cultural history. And a haunting one at that.

Publication date: 2006

Publisher: Scalo

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. Unpaginated.

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