The Secret History of Kate Bush


By Fred Vermorel.

Kate Bush is the Queen. Everyone knows that. Especially the author of this fantastic book which (in his own words) “probes in witty and affectionate detail the secrets of her image and erotic fascination”. Ahem. Okaaaay... well, she is total babe, and – creepy male fantasies aside – this is a pretty entertaining / interesting book that traces the singer's family and folk history, some of which seems quite bizarre. From her pagan and savage Saxon roots through 1,400 years in Essex to her remarkable upbringing, lonely adolescence and spectacular rise to fame, this Author is nothing short of obsessed with the woman he calls the “Pop Witch”. And at Big Ego, these obsessives are our people. The best books are made by, and about such loons!


Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Omnubus Press

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 96p.



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