The Power Look at Home: Decorating For Men


By Egon Von Furstenberg and Karen Fischer

Where do we start with this incredible book? It was published “for men who have spent most of their lives living in homes decorated by women” (poor babies), by Egon Von Fürstenberg – a German aristocrat, hot stud and big-time name dropper, who was once married to fashion designer, Diane Von Fürstenberg! And it is seriously a one-of-a-kind interior design book! Why? Well firstly it's very, very rare to come across books on interiors from such an overtly masculine point of view. “The power look” is the only way to describe these hardcore 80s studios, lofts, and apartments. Decorate by wealthy “urban bachelors” whose aim was to convey success, confidence and good taste, the results are rooms that are nothing short of commanding!

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