The Passionate Collector


By Ellen Land-Weber.

Where do we start with this amazing book? I know we say this about a lot of our books because we are obsessed with them all -- but this one really takes the cake! It's also a hard-to-find gem because in all our years of working in books, we've never come across it until now!

Like a cross between Bill Owens' suburban domestic photography and Amy Arbus' unmatched interiors book No Place Like Home, The Passionate Collector is a photobook about eccentric collectors and their incredible collections. Business cards, pictures of midgets, Raggedy Anns, copies of Catch-22... you will not find stranger collections than in this book, nor ones as beautifully and reverently photographed.

A truly special book. 

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Fireside / Simon & Schuster

Details: Softcover. Oblong format. 127p.

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