The Kitchen Book


By Terence Conran.

Here lies a history of the humble kitchen from cave to microwave, and beyond. Unsure whether to invest in that marble countertop? Confused about the benefits of vinyl sheeting? Unaware of the essential distinctions between knives and cleavers? Look no further for the soothing balm to heal your myriad woes. This book compiles all of the essential information necessary in the planning of a new or redeveloped kitchen—from the nascent planning stage to the finishing touches. Author Terence Conran has sought the learned advice of kitchen professionals—chefs, restaurant critics and business owners alike—to ensure that his tile-covered tome provides the most accurate and helpful interior design information possible.

These walls can talk! Are you listening?

Publication Date: 1977

Publisher: Mitchell Beazley Publishers Limited

Details: First edition. Hardcover. 360 pp.

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