The Evil Eye


By Frederick Elworthy.

Beware the glance of the Jettatore! The power of the eye to cast a malignant spell is the oldest, most widespread of superstitions. In this exhaustive scholarly treatment of the evil eye, renowned philologist and folklorist Frederick Elworthy examines every facet of its sinister lore.

From ancient Babylonia to the twentieth century, from the venal looks of possessed beings to protective amulets, from the horned moon of Isis to the wood of the True Cross, cabalistic runes, and wicked incantation. Elworthy supplements his comprehensive work with many of his own precise drawings of spiritual objects and antiquities. Share this book with someone you care about. Or someone you don’t.


Publication date: 1970

Publisher: Collier Books.

Description: Softcover. 471p.

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