The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller


By Robert W. Marks.

A very rare book in this condition! The first complete presentation of the life and work of the architect, engineer, mathematician and inventor-designer, Buckminster Fuller. Houses, cars, maps, domes, and systems of mathematics... Fuller created a steady stream of design, but he's perhaps best known for popularizing the idea of the Geodesic dome, around the early 50's.

Look, the man was a  genius. His incredibly prolific output, following his Dymaxion principles (to get from any type of structure the maximum net performance per unit of energy input) worked toward a future that is radically different from what it is today. Imagine, instead of cookie cutter Legoland homes, we lived in great transparent domes that provided total climate control. And now imagine if these dwellings were just temporary, disposable homes that we could assemble quickly, so we could just pack and move at any time. These were the Jules-Verne-meets-Einstein prophesies of Fuller -- a man who broke with the static ways of thinking.

Publication date: 1960

Publisher: Reinhold

Desciption: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. 232p.


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