The Cats' House


By Bob Walker.

Welcome to The Cats’ House—that’s
cats plural—the ideal abode for all felines large and small, placid and cantankerous. Please take off your shoes.

This book compiles the nooks, crannies and scratching posts of Frances and Bob Walker’s 1,500-square-foot cat paradise in bayside San Diego. From bright neon hidey-holes to levitating staircases so impossible they would make Escher blush, the authors demonstrate the best possible means by which to create a cat-friendly home. Beyond the limits of merely conceptual thinking, The Cats’ House also provides detailed information as to the practical processes of building all manner of ramps, walkways and cosy cubbies.

Publication Date: 1996

Publisher: Andrews and McMeel

Details: First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. 92 pp.

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