The Bed and Bath Book


By Terence Conran.

Aiiiieee! This book! A classic interior design bible by the man behind Habitat and the Conran shops, this heavy duty tome sees our hero turn his attention to “the rooms which we at our most vulnerable and relaxed.” Exploring every aspect of bedroom and bathroom design, from where to put the bidet to how to hang a bed from the ceiling, it is exhaustive in scope. In the author's words, “Here are beds of all shapes and sizes – beds for lovers, beds for aching backs, beds for hedonists, beds that disappear into the wall; and baths for all purposes – standard baths, double baths, sunken baths, hip baths, saunas, hot-tubs and whirlpools.” Detailed info and décor advice aside – it's a fantastic reference book for IDEAS of your own and will give new perspectives to new home owners or those considering a big reno!

Publication date: 1978

Publisher: Crown Publishers

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st US Edition. 360p.

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