The Artist Craftsman in Australia


Art Director & Design by Fay Bottrell. Photographs by Welsey Stacey.

We've seen a lot of great books on crafts in Australia, but we've never come across one as incredible as this one before! THE bible for anyone even remotely interested in the subject, this book showcases the work of 40 Australian craftsmen during the 1970s, and for once the women outnumber the men! Here we see the artists profiled in their studios and outdoor workspaces as they throw pots, rummage for scrap metal, dye wool and work the loom. A beautiful, full-colour publication – very rare as colour printing was so expensive back then – it is a book to savour, a book to keep returning to, a book that even the most experienced craftsmen will find inspiring.


Publication date: 1974

Publisher: Jack Pollard

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. Reprint. 160p.

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