Tempest in a Teapot: The Ceramic Art of Peter Shire


Where to start?

Peter Shire is one the most inspired and original ceramic artists of our time. He's up there with Ron Nagel and Ken Price. His impact was initially felt in the 1980’s. His brightly coloured, imaginatively shaped and often mystifying designs are created under the influence of pop culture, the transformations of the landscape of LA in the late 20th century, and by the work of important that era's artists and designers. Shire’s teapots were an important element in the development of the Milan design movement Memphis in the early 1980’s. The foreward is written by none other than the busiest man ever - Ettore Sottass, who writes that Shire’s Teapots, ‘..were so full of information for the future…”

Publication date: 1991

Publisher: Rizzoli

Details: Softcover. 144pp.

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