By Bill Owens.

When Suburbia first came out, it immediately became a small classic. But over the years it has reached cult status in the world of photography - and rightly so. Owens' understated images captured that initial wave of optimism expressed in the social phenomenon that saw millions invest their lives in a lifestyle based on owning your own 'dream house & dream lawn'. Today it's different - the suburbs are already there, just waiting to imprison you (says us). But back in the 60s, it was still an aspiration for many families. In fact, for some it represented liberation"I find a sense of freedom in the suburbs..." he quotes the head of one family. "You assume the mask of suburbia for outward appearances and yet no ones knows what you really do."

Publication date: August 1974 (3rd Printing)

Publisher: Straight Arrow

Description: Softcover. Unpaginated.

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