Street Art


By Robert Sommer.

We have quite a few choice books on American 70s-era murals, but none as wonderfully packaged as this one, with its cool hot-pink deco-style block font and hand-painted anti-establishment mural. A book for our times if ever there was.

This from the author: “Corporate advertisers control the airwaves, print media and most city walls. Not only have they painted their inane commercial messages on the sides of buildings, they have also built new walls in the countryside and called them billboards. The lesson of the mural groups is that some exterior spaces can be reclaimed by the community to reflect its own culture.”

Most interesting of all are the strange public sculptures made of driftwood and urban debris, by unnamed artists around the San Francisco Bay.

Publication date: 1975

Publisher: Links

Description: Softcover. Unpaginated.

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