Skyscrapers – Skyprickers – Skycities


By Charles Jencks.

Skyscrapers – Skycities is a photo-essay on the tall building by American architecture theorist and landscape architect, Charles Jencks. From the heavenly-soaring cathedral spires of London and rocket-like temples of Bangkok to the more linear complexes crowding the New York and Chicago skyline; Jencks explores the urban landscape with an almost romantic view – describing the over-looked beauty of these often grotesque, colossal structures and photographing each, fetishistically.

This is a surprisingly dense book for such a slim looking volume. It features 87 examples of tall buildings, with accompanying text and an introduction that addresses the difficulty in writing a history of the Skyscraper. It is a deeply fascinating reference that would be of interest to both students of Architecture as well as Architecture obsessives.

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Academy Editions

Details: Softcover. 1st Edition. 80p.

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