Ahhh… the black and white cover… in our all-time favourite square format, no less! Each page a portrait by fashion photog Victor Skrebneski – or, as the title states – simply Skrebneski (one-name, like Cher). Featuring moody portraits of the likes of a nude Joe Dallesandro (swoon), Helmut Berger, Raquel Welch, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Holly Woodlawn and David Bowie, it’s a wonder the prolific Skrebneski is a name that’s been grossly overlooked of late. After all, this is the man who popularised the blurry photo. Initially an accident it came to be his signature style - a style which has been copied endlessly.

Publication date: 1982

Publisher: Photogalerie The Compagnie

Description: Softcover. 37p.

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