Sinkin Spells, Hot Flashes, Fits and Cravins


By Ernest Matthew Mickler

''There's white trash and there's White Trash. Manners and pride separate the two.'' Mr. Mickler clearly relished being among the latter. Rituals of the Rural South.

Quite a nice change of pace compared the high-brow California Artist’s Cook Book. Embrace the deep fry, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fat…..

This book completely sucks you, just through reading the recipes. Deep fried oysters, broccoli bake so smothered in cheese there is no nutrition left, and a rack of spam roasted in the oven with cheese inserts, the recipes really make your eye’s bulge. All the recipes named after extended family members and community cooks.

The photos in the middle of funerals and local signage are kind of melancholy but there is a total acceptance and pleasure for sugar, butter and pecans… lots and lots of pecans. 

Publication date: 1988

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Details: Ringbound paperback. 158pp.

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