By Colin Garratt.

We have a question. Has anyone ever seen someone building a scarecrow? It's like they just appear out of nowhere... and then disappear just as mysteriously. Seriously, some spooky shit is going on! This from the author: "One night, I was filming several scarecrows in a particularly lonely place. The moon was shining, bathing the landscape in a half light. Absorbed in my task, I inadvertently backed up to a particularly hideous looking example and half turned to find it leering over my shoulder. In the instant my blood ran cold, so instinctive was the feeling that the scarecrow had moved toward me." 

Aiiiiieeee! This book will either give you nightmares, or some excellent ideas for an art project, or both.

Publication date: 1995

Publisher: Milepost

Details: Hardcover. Unpaginated


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