Sandsong: Ephemeral Sculpture


by G. Augustne Lynas. Edited by Marilyn Meyers

We LOVE this disclaimer at the beginning of this magic book-

          ‘Sand Sculpting can involve prolonged, strenuous effort and therefore requires a high level of physical fitness. We recommend that it be tried only after a through medical examination and with the consent of a qualified physician. Accordingly, the publishers and author accept no responsibility for the consequences of an attempt to construct any sand sculpture shown in or inspired by this book’

Woah now! Sand sculpting is hardcore fitness art! Definitely not for the faint-hearted. We were so happy to discover this book and hope to find another copy for ourselves. Not only are these awe-some sculptures proof what a human body can create with a vision, it is also refreshing to know that the art will never last and that doesn’t matter. 

Also, a secret hot tip for other sand-sculpting enthusiasts – the Frisbee! Aside from its traditional uses, it is the ideal instrument for scooping, compressing, smoothing, carving, scalloping, decorating, and for collecting water, shells and stones. The perfect tool.

Publication date: 1983

Publisher: St.Martin’s Press

Details: Softcover. 109pp.

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