Rude Food


Photographs by David Thorpe.

All we can think about as we read the introduction to this super sexy, super rude book about food is the famous scene played out by Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in the movie, 9 1/2 weeks. Don't know it? Look it up on youtube if you want a good laugh! In the meantime, here's the aforementioned intro to RUDE FOOD to entice you to:

The association between food and sex has been firmly established ever since that old business with Adam, Eve and the apple. This book is merely a reminder of the added pleasures that can be derived from simple food when it is imaginatively chose, presented and eaten. All you need are the ingredients and a dirty mind. Bon Appetit!

Publication date: 1981

Publisher: Macmillan

Details: Softcover. Unpaginated


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