Robert Altman's Prêt-à-Porter


Question: What do Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger, Rossy De Palma, Bjork, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Danny Aiello, Tim Robbins, Lyle Lovett, Rupert Everett, Tracey Ullman, Richard E. Grant, David Copperfield, Cher AND (our fave) Linda Hunt have in common? Answer: Robert Altman's Prêt-à-Porter. This is Altman’s scrapbook-style book-of-the-film and it is seriously PACKED. Not just of glamour and fashion world absurdity, but of content. It’s all about the content! The script is here of course, but who cares about that! How about all the back-stage photos? How about interviews with Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler? How about the personal diaries of Richard E. Grant and National Treasure, Tracey Ullman? Not to mention Helmut Newton’s party snaps of the Bulgari Party! This is yet another BIG EGO BOOK that just won’t quit and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Publication date: 1995

Publisher: Boxtree

Details: Softcover with dust jacket. 1st UK Edition. 192p.

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