Ralph Eugene Meatyard


Edited with text by James Baker Hall.

Reminiscence by Guy Davenport.

To read a description of the gone-too-soon photographer Meatyard as a, “bookish Zenmaster [who] also served as president of the local PTA and the Little League and flipped burgers at the Fourth of July party” is surprising given his dark images – at once beautiful, surreal and deeply disturbing. It’s hard to believe they were the work of a 'hobbyist' photographer. They were mostly shot during family weekend outings and in derelict spaces around Lexington, Kentucky, and developed only once a year due to his impatience with the darkroom process. Meatyard himself was an optician by trade.

Flipping through the pages in this wonderful book is an experience like no other and is likely to cause night terrors in small children (you’ve been warned!), but reading the Reminiscence by Guy Davenport of the friend he affectionately calls ‘Gene’ is like seeing it all again through a new lens. With his words you fully realise the strange magic that was Meatyard. 

Publication date: 1974

Publisher: Aperture

Description: Softcover. Unpaginated.

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