Ra ta ta tam: The strange story of a little engine


By Peter Nickel, illustrated by Binette Schroeder.

A very strange book indeed. We love that there are no words over full-page spreads, following the little engine’s escape.

“Help, help! The world is coming to an end,” screamed the factory owner’s wife in horror. But suddenly there was a violent crash, the iron gate to the garden was smashed open and the little engine made off down the road.

“Right, that’s the first step,” it whistled, and trundled gaily off across the countryside.

The landscape is surreal and melancholic, reminiscent of Leonora Carrington’s paintings. A beautiful gift for an intelligent 7 year old or over.

Publication date: 1974

Publisher: Jonathan Cape, London

Details: Hardcover. No dust jacket. Rare. 1st English Edition. 

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