Puppenmenschen : Puppet People


Photography by Thomas David. Text by Pavel Kohout

How often has this happened to you? You are shopping and you turn to a mannequin to ask a question, believing its presence to be human. Mannequins have that uncanny human quality, however, they are always aloof and mysterious. They hold a power over you. The era of airbrushed, sassy, and simply stunning mannequins in retail is quite over, unfortunately, (there is nothing worse than a headless mannequin) however, this photo-book captures a high point of fiber glass models.

Vintage mannequins are prime photogenic subjects for they embody a fantasy world. Their bodies and faces represent the era of their creation, acting as time-capsules of style and fashion.

Publication date: 1983

Publisher: Reich Verlag

Description: Hardcover with dust jacket.

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