Peter Hujar: A Retrospective


Paul Thek’s lover and Susan Sontag’s close friend – Peter Hujar died in 1987, from AIDS-related pneumonia. You look at every photo in this book, study it, stare at each one for a while.

One of his most famous and well-known photographs is of Candy Darling on her deathbed.

From Fran Lebowitz:

‘Peter was the only photographer that knew Candy very well. I knew Candy extremely well and think that Peter was the only person who could take the picture without it being a horrible thing to have done. It’s something that Candy would have adored. She loved when Peter took a picture of her in the hospital. She got dressed up even though she was dying from bone cancer.’

Publication date: 1994

Publisher: Scalo Zurich/in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Details: Very Rare. Hardcover with dust jacket. 207pp.

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