Other Temples Other Gods: The Occult in Australia


By Nevill Drury and Gregory Tillett.

One of the most incredible books we've ever unearthed, Other Temples Other Gods was the first overview of paganism and occult phenomena in Australia. Co-written by Nevill Drury who wrote Pan's Daughter: The Strange World of Rosaleen Norton (aka as the witch of Kings Cross, who features heavily in this book) it goes deep in investigating the black arts in Oz,  circa 1970s. Heavily illustrated it includes such topics as ESP; Tarot symbolism; the philosophies underlying white and black magic; witchcraft and goddess worship; astrology and so much more. It is a truly special book about a hidden part of Australian history.

Publication date: 1980

Publisher: Methuen Australia

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. Very scarce. 175p.

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