Oddly Australian


An A to Z of the weird, the wonderful and the oddball on the world’s biggest island. 

By Nic & Daphne van Oudtshoorn

First up, we want OPAL dentures! Are you serious? So much better than gold grillz. It would be like having a galaxy of light on your front tooth! You could mind trick everybody in your life to do as your pleasing.

But this is just one of the odd facts found in this Oddly Australian book. The perfect book to bring on long car trips to tell wacky stories to the kids. Such as the mysterious craters at near Gin Gin in Queensland, the strange possibly alien lights in the sky known as the ‘Min Min Lights’, and Dugout Houses at White Cliffs. Did you know you could create a practical mansion underground? No windows though, but who cares when you have your own library and wine cellar and fourteen bedrooms?!

Best you buy this book and randomly open it at any page and then go forth to that destination. Australia is odd, but it’s also oddly dangerous, so beware. 

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: Bay Books

Details. Softcover. 123pp.

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