No Place Like Home


By Amy Arbus.

Hands-down the best interiors book EVER, Amy Arbus' perfectly titled No Place Like Home is a visual feast for those obsessed with the home and and curious about how people with money or taste live. Proving that these two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive, Arbus traveled to New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Houston and Albuquerque in her search of unique people in unexpected placed. Some are well known - Terry Zwigoff, John Sex, Frank Gehry, Dennis Hopper - others not so much, but who have as equally interesting homes. These include: Dorothy Dange, a collector of Shirley Temple Memorabilia; Bartender Charles Lang whose walls are decorated by 501, 345 jigsaw puzzles; and retired mechanic Lawrence Joseph and his wife, who live in their home remodeled to look like a wooden boat. Incredible, wonderful, glorious (is it possible to heap on any more praise?) stuff!

Publiction date: 1986

Publisher: Dolphin / Doubleday

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. Ex-Library copy but with minimal markings. 

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