Niki De Saint Phalle


"Images - Characters - Fantastic Gardens"

By Niki de Saint Phalle with contributions by Carla Schulz-Hoffmann.

Pop Art always was a big men's club. How about we talk about the brilliant women of Pop Art for a change? The Queen of the 60s scene was undoubtedly Niki de Saint Phalle, though she was more of a Symbolist or a Surrealist with Pop Art influences. An untrained artist, Niki was super prolific and worked across so many different practices: sculpture, painting, poetry. Her huge 'Nanas' are probably her most famous works, but our favourite is her mosaiced, Gaudi-inspired Tarot Garden in Northern Italy. So fantastic! This monograph, has text mostly in German, but is so image heavy, it's almost beside the point. What you want to do is marvel at the world this extraordinary woman created and every single page here is filled with wonderment. 

Publication date: 1987

Publisher: Prestel

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. German text. 160p.

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