André Breton.

Translated by Richard Howard.

From the back cover:

"Nadja, the first and perhaps best Surrealist romance ever written, is th ebook which defined the movement's attitude toward everyday life. First published in France in 1928, it has never before bee translated into English.

The principle narrative is an account of the author's relationship with a girl in the city of Paris, the story of an obsessional presence haunting his life. The first person narrative is supplemented by forty-four photographs which form an integral part of the work -- pictures of various "surreal" people, places, and objects which the author visits or is haunted by in Nadja's presence and which inspire him to meditate on their reality or lack of it."

Publication date: 1960.

Publisher: Grove Press / Evergreen Books.

Description: 2nd printing. 160p.



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