Nachtasyl - Night Asylum


This photo book is part a theatre programme, part documentary photobook. Nachtasyl: Night Asylum known primarily as The Lower Depths was a play written by Maxim Gorky in 1901. The theme of harsh truth versus the comforting lie pervades the play from start to finish, as most of the characters choose to deceive themselves over the bleak reality of their condition. Sound familiar?

But it is the accompanying street photographs by Abisag Tüllmann, a German female photographer which turns this theatre programme into a rare collectible.

Overlooked, or looked down upon, homeless people, however, are an ubiquitous and invisible aspect of the urban environment. When you look closer, they're too much to absorb.

In her series, Ohne Obdach – Without a roof, Tüllmann chronicled the lives of neglected individuals living in parks, under kiosks and bridges throughout Berlin and Frankfurt am Main between 1989 and 1992. Tüllmann reveals a horrible truth through capturing the expressions of the passers-by.

Publication date: 1992

Publisher: Schaubühne

Description: Softcover. 62p. Scarce

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