Metropolitan Places


By Elizabeth Heyert

Before Heyert turned her eye towards funeral home memorials in her poignant book, The Travelers, Heyert photographed some of the most beautiful and original homes in the world. Grand homes, traditional homes with heirlooms... but our favourites are the avant-garde homes of people such as Fernando Amat and Marc Hubin. Imagine living with a Jugol designed balcony?

Heyert’s accompanying text explains the design choices of such famous aesthetes as Rudolf Nureyev (!), Andy Warhol (!!) and Charles Jencks (!!!)

How did she get access to so many INCREDIBLE abodes?

This book is so unrated and comes close to rivalling Amy Arbus’ unsurpassable No Place Like Home. 

Publication date: 1989

Publisher: Viking Studio

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 240 pp.

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