KAI10 Arthena Foundation

With artists – Habima Fuchs, Thomas Helbig, Renaud Jerez, Kris Lemsalu, Mary-Audrey Ramirez.

This moment, right now, is of artists using the stuff again – MATERIAL. Though as all good artists understand, this leads to extreme hoarding in your studio– because you never know when you gonna use that old piece of foam!

The exhibition Meta-morphosis was held at the KAI Arthena Foundation in 2017, this is not a straight catalogue per se, but an outcome. The show’s premise collected young artists who use objects and sculptures as a way to nut out the creative principles of transformation. Essays throughout are bilingual, English and German and the text builds on the super documentation of the work.

Kris Lemsalu is currently hitting a new crescendo in her career, having just been awarded the Estonian pavilion at the next Venice Biennale. We like her work, the way she mixes the found with the glazed. Ditto Thomas Helbig musings on H.R. Giger’s techno-organic forms using casts from contemporary pseudo-baroque vases.

Meta-morphosis catches the wave of the Art world’s ceramic zeitgeist lust, which germinated in the 2009 exhibition Dirt on Delight held at ICA Philadelphia.

Publication date: 2017

Publisher: Distanz Verlag

Description: Hardcover. 88p.

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