Man Alive: Dressing the Free Way


By Charles Hix. Photographs by Stephen AuCoin.

It's so hard to find good books on male fashion and grooming. Recently scanning the shelves of a shop selling new books, we found so many gross titles with unrealistic standards - the best example was by the editors of Esquire Magazine for men who want to be like James Bond (in what world?). Unbelievable!

But if you're a quality man with good taste - a "Fantastic Man" who's more Braun and less brawn - then Charles Hix is the man after your own heart. The Author of the equally excellent Looking Good and Dressing Right, Hix's Man Alive: Dressing the Free Way simply tells men how to look terrific. "With authority and imagination" Hix's book gives men the freedom to "express their physicality and emotions as women have done for years". 

Yes this book was published in 1984 but guess what? There are men out there who still need help with dressing themselves and this book hasn't dated. at. all. It's timeless!

Publication date: 1984

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Details: Hardcover. 1st Edition. 232p.

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