Maison Martin Margiela: 20 The Exhibition


Fashion is serious, when it is serious. But serious fashion is never about pushing clothing onto the consumer. It is always more sublime and original than that. When you have heard a name banding around for ages, but don’t truly understand why, what's the big the deal? And then you find out…

The king of esoteric fashion was MMM.

He has never had his picture taken and remains backstage after his shows.

This incredible book accompanied an exhibition to celebrate the 20 years of Maison Martin Margiela. His teamwork produced some of the funniest and fantastic fashion/art/wearable/questions in the last 30 years.

Take his exact enlargements of Ken & Barbie doll clothing. Expanding plastic doll clothing to human size, the buttons and stitching were exact, the bad fit was the right fit. There are so many other staggering pieces in this book. It’s a hard book to find and a hard one to sell, because BEB wants to keep this one.

Publication date: 2008

Publisher: MoMu Fashion Museum

Details: Softcover. 121 pp. Very Rare.

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