Love Life: Scenes with Irene


By Roswitha Hecke.

"Irene. Queen of desire. Woman of the night. The body of a whore, the face of a child, the blonde hair of an angel. A creature out of Charles Baudelaire's nightmares: lascivious, innocent, sensous. A Fata Morgana? No, she exists and Roswitha Hecke has photographed her working the streets of Zurich and Rome."

It's a strange and intriguing concept. Beautifully photographed, and interspersed with quotes from Baudelaire and Irene herself, Love Life is striking portrait of a woman - the enigmatic Irene, an (in)famous Zurich prostitute. Think Helmut Newton meets Pasolini's Mama Roma and you're almost there.

Publication date: 1982

Publisher: Rogner & Bernhard

Details: Hardcover with dust jacket. 1st Edition. Unpaginated.

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