LaChapelle Land


Photographs by David LaChapelle.

Packaged in a fantastically gaudy box, designed by the genius Japanese graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo, LaChapelle Land is the first monograph of pop photographer David LaChapelle's work. Outrageous, hipnotic, surreal, highly camp, super garish... to describe his photographs we'd have transcribe a thesaurus! When we get down to it though, LaChapelles photographs are just plain hilarious. What else to call a photo of a muscleman with the Eiffel Tower for a dick? Or Faye Dunaway, in a torn slip, breaking furniture in a derelict room? Or a guy walking in on a pair of giant inflatable boobs in a pastel pink room? There are so many bizarre scenes, we could never do them justice by describing them! It is a dizzying collection to say the least.


Publication date: 1996

Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Callaway

Details: Hardcover in slipcase. 1st Edition. Includes land map (index supplement). Edition No. 16866. Unpaginated.


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