Katharina Grosse – Double Floor Painting


It's true - it IS all in a name. Katharina Grosse – Grosse in German translate to size, big size. Perhaps you grow into your name and start to embody it.

Katharina Grosse has developed her practice around making the walls of a space stand out, framing the in-between space that is the essence of what we call a room.

“Through my works you see the underlying surface more clearly than what lies over it. It’s a very basic quality of my work that you see something entirely different, that is to say, I transform something”. Her use of a compressor allows her to keep working, because she has an endless supply of paint, changing different fatcaps (spray nozzles) for effects. She stays up her moving elevator, lording over the space. Everything is painted over in the end, no reminder is left.

This excellent, slim catalogue details her extensive take over of the Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, in 2004. Essays and interviews with Grosse are in English, German and Danish.

A classic Big Ego book because it shows you the levels you must go to for your Big Ego.

Publication date: 2004

Publisher: Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Denmark

Description: Softcover. 88p. Showing some wear to back cover.

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